1/11/17 12:48PM

Windbreak / Seedling Tree Workshop January 24, 2017 7pm in Franktown

Windbreak and Seedling Tree Workshop on January 24, 2017 will teach landowners how to select tree and shrub species, design a windbreak, plant and care for their investment.

Windbreak / Seedling Tree Workshop January 24, 2017 at Franktown Firehouse

If you would like to learn more information on the seedling tree program, windbreak design, species selection, planting and caring for your seedling trees and shrubs, plan to attend the windbreak workshop on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Franktown Fire Station located at 1958 N Hwy 83 just south of the major intersection in Franktown. Staff from the Colorado State Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service will be available to assist participants in their windbreak design and answer questions on species and planting techniques. Call 303-218-2622, or email DCCDistrict@gmail.com to RSVP for this workshop, or to find out more about the seedling tree program. Seedling trees are available to purchase until March 29, 2017.

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