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Transforming the Economy: Global Movement Coalesces in Boulder

The 1st Annual Regenerative Future Summit will build a movement toward an economy that serves 100% of humanity. One that provides well-being and prosperity for all. Boulder, CO.

Denver and Boulder, CO, April 4, 2017– Natural Capitalism Solutions and Alliance for Sustainable Colorado announce the 1st Annual Regenerative Future Summit. Held 15-17 May at the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, it will feature leaders who have created the new and future global economy, from ecological economics, to Regenerative Capitalism, Doughnut Economics, and Natural Capitalism. Founders of the New Economics Foundation, and Rainforest Action Network, and corporate sustainability leaders will all be in attendance.

The following launches are slated for the Summit: release of the new Meadows Memorandum to counter the Powell Memorandum that enshrined neoliberalism; Kate Raworth will launch her new book Doughnut Economics; Hunter Lovins will release her new book A Finer Future: How Humanity Can Avoid Total System Collapse. Our current economic system, which speaker Randy Hayes, calls “cheater capitalism,” has created enormous wealth for some, but left others in poverty and poor health. It has left our shared ecosystem teetering on the brink of destruction. This Summit will set forth the path to Regenerative Capitalism, a route to shared prosperity on a healthy planet, ensuring a thriving and entrepreneurial economy AND a thriving ecosystem.

This is a rare opportunity to interact with many of the world’s top experts building the Regenerative Future movement. Come prepared for three days of dynamic, facilitated interaction between world-class thinkers, corporate leaders and participants from morning breakouts-over-breakfast to plenary roundtables, facilitated breakout discussions, and informal conversations over dinner at Boulder’s great restaurants.

The highly-participatory Summit will feature such major figures of the theory and practice of regenerative economics from around the globe as John Fullerton, founder and CEO of Capital Institute and author of the seminal work, Regenerative Capitalism; L. Hunter Lovins, founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions and co-author of Natural Capitalism; Bob Costanza, father of ecological economics, Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist and Oxfam; Vince Siciliano, CEO of New Resource Bank; Randy Hayes, founder Rainforest Action Network, and Director, Foundation Earth; Jenn Vervier, Director of Strategy & Sustainability, New Belgium Brewing; Maggie Fox, Climate Reality Project; David Orr, Oberlin College; Stewart Wallis, Founder of New Economics Foundation; and many more. The growing list of speakers and panelists can be found at the Summit website.

The work will focus on three major action areas: Local & Regional Economies, Regenerative Agriculture, and Moving Money into the Regenerative Economy. The Regenerative Future Summit will share new frameworks, develop new stories and build new movements.

In-person capacity is limited to 300. Summit plenary sessions will be live-streamed. Online engagement will feature a moderated community platform and social media. Bloggers welcome.

Join the thought leaders who are defining the regenerative future, as we shape the strategies, narratives and movements for an economy in service to life.

Press and media, contact Bill Kramer: bkramer@natcapsolutions.org or 720.684.6580

To register, visit the Regenerative Future Summit Site at https://regenerativefuturesummit.org.

To become a Sponsor, contact Jeff Hohensee: jhohensee@natcapsolutions.org or 720.684.6580

All other questions may be directed to events@natcapsolutions.org


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