3/30/17 11:02AM

Real Estate Software company Makes Englewood Home

Real Estate software company BlueMatch is out to change the way you sell real Estate through technology.

As you walk into the dim lit basement of Cobalt at the corner of Broadway and Floyd in Engelwood CO, you’ll quickly be greeted by a 15 week old goldendoodle puppy named Rocky and realize you are not in a typical real estate office. You will also realize these aren’t your typical real estate agents. Monitors, t-shirts, red bull, and endless snacks have replaced the suites, receptionists, and smell of mahogany you normally find in a traditional real estate office. The traditional way real estate transactions are conducted is also being replaced.

BlueMatch is a one year old startup based in Englewood CO that is on a mission to change the way people sell their homes. Since starting in early 2016, BlueMatch has quickly expanded into multiple markets including New York, Washington, and Minnesota with California coming soon. Founders Jon and Solomon began the project last year when they both went through undesirable real estate transactions themselves. “Coming from a tech background, I couldn’t understand why the real estate agent model was so antiquated yet the industry has made such technological strides” said Jon, who has been working as a startup co-founder for over 10 years. “With median home prices approaching $400,000 in Denver, it didn’t make sense to me why I would have to fork over almost $9,000 to list my home”.

BlueMatch’s unique concept can fully eliminate or drastically reduce the listing commission in a real estate transaction saving home sellers thousands in fees. “What we learned was that agents have a very hard job and the existing model has many deficiencies. Agents can spend upwards of 60+ hours a week juggling several clients, and might close a deal for one or two of them.” stated Solomon, BlueMatch’s co-founder and managing broker. “We want to create a better world for both agents and consumers”.

BlueMatch’s existing software allows people to begin the process of listing their home easily and fast. With automation, BlueMatch is able to offer a full service experience with support 7 days a week. “We list on MLS, send out yard signs, lockboxes, provide professional photography, and a whole lot more” explains Solomon. “We rely heavily on data, software, and our proprietary process to help sellers get the highest price for their home with a significant savings in transaction costs.” The company is currently working on predictable document management software and automated showing services that it plans to make available free of charge for real estate agents nationwide. BlueMatch also provides free literature and contracts for anyone looking to sell their home For Sale by Owner.

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