3/27/17 11:04AM

Mountainview Coffee provides Highlands Ranch a new community gathering space.

Mountainview Christian Church remodel features a specialty espresso bar and ample seating intended for public use.

Nearing their 25 year anniversary in Highlands Ranch, Mountainview Christian Church has recently completed of an internal remodel of their location at 40 E Highlands Ranch Pkwy. “Our dream is to transform our current space into a place that better facilitates the transformation of lives”, shares Ken Hensley, Senior Pastor at Mountainview. One unique part of that transformation is Mountainview Coffee, a community gathering space right inside the front doors of the church, featuring a full service specialty espresso bar.

The intention is simple: to make more room for relationships. Rather than streamlining people into and out of church services, Mountainview Coffee encourages that people come early, stay late, and build community. Not just for those attending church services, but for anyone interested in dropping by throughout the week as well.

“The coffee, while intentionally crafted and delicious, is not the end focus in this space” says Truett Mickey, who is overseeing the espresso bar. “Memorable conversations and experiences of my life have happened over warm beverages, so I try to serve the best products in the most approachable way I can, to facilitate those moments for others.” Truett, a member of Mountainview Church, has owned Bean Fosters – Coffee, Tea and People Place in Golden, Colorado for nearly five years, and has brought his experience to developing Mountainview Coffee.

Quality coffee may not be the end goal, but it is certainly central to what Mountainview Coffee is offering to Highlands Ranch. Mountainview Coffee serves coffee roasted by Purple Door, a Denver-based non-profit specialty coffee company that provides youth and young adults who are seeking to leave homelessness both employment and job-training. The coffee beans are well-sourced, lightly roasted, and provide a social benefit to the formerly homeless. The coffee is then served freshly ground and brewed on quality equipment within two weeks of roasting date, and alongside other great, fresh, local products. The espresso menu ranges from traditional, quality, small-portion espresso beverages such as cortados and cappuccinos to house-recipe caramel lattes.

Approachable space plays an important role in fulfilling their mission as well. The space is easily accessible directly through the front doors of the church, with plenty of parking available. New and comfortable café seating populates the large warmly decorated space surrounded by windows overlooking the Diamond K trail. And nearby are couches and comfy chairs facing a fireplace. Public wifi is available throughout.

Mountainview Coffee will be open to the public Monday thru Thursday from 8am-3pm, as well as around Mountainview Christian Church service times: 530pm on Saturdays, 9am & 1045am on Sundays. Check it out sometime at 40 E Highlands Ranch Pkwy, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129.

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