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Local Youth Wrestling Club Leaves Mark at State & National Wrestling Championships

Golden Eagle Wrestling Club of Highlands Ranch performs well at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Nationals, and Colorado State Wrestling Championships

At the end of their third season, Golden Eagle Wrestling Club (GEWC) walked away with several state and national placers. As a team, GEWC placed 3rd in the Colorado Rookie Wrestling State Championships. “I am extremely proud and happy for our kids!” said Scott McDoniel, Head Coach. “They battled hard at these tournaments and many were able to stand on the podium.

What started three years ago as a brand new wrestling club in Highlands Ranch that not many people knew to now being known all over the state is a testament to the program’s instruction, practice, and competition schedule. “Wrestling is one of the most difficult sports; mentally and physically. You have to be willing and do the work and be willing to compete” continues McDoniel. Building a wrestling program is no easy feat. Wrestling is a technical sport that is very similar to other combative sports (e.g., Martial Arts). Wrestlers may go their entire career and never stand on the podium and for GEWC to have the success they are experiencing says a lot about what their program offers.

As a team, they have improved from 15th place in 2015, 6th place in 2016, to 3rd place in 2017 at the Colorado Rookie Wrestling State Championships. GEWC is definitely one the best youth wrestling clubs for new wrestlers and their results prove it. Since 2015, GEWC has produced 2-National Champions; 9-State Champions, 4-National Placers, & 20-State Placers.

2017 Rocky Mountain Nationals Championship Results

6 & Under: Henry McDoniel; 6th Place

7-9 True Beginner: Cooper Torpy; 5th Place

10-12 True Beginner: Anthony Hamilton; 6th Place

10-12 True Beginner: Ethan Diaz; 1st Place

10-12 True Beginner: Andrew Wittenberg; 1st Place

12 & Under: Cameron Flores; 4th Place

2017 State Youth Wrestling Championship Results

8 & Under: Cooper Torpy; Novice 1st Place

8 & Under: Emmett Alexander: Novice 1st Place

8 & Under: Gabriel Thomas; Novice Runner-Up

8 & Under: Lance Alexander; Novice 4th Place

10 & Under: Anthony Hamilton; Novice 1st Place

10 & Under: Carter Nealy; Novice 1st Place

10 & Under: Griffin Langer; Novice 4th Place

10 & Under: Nathyn Gottberg; Novice 5th Place

12 & Under: Gage Friedrichs; Experienced 1st Place

12 & Under: Cameron Flores; Experienced 2nd Place

12 & Under: Dylan Barnard; Novice 3rd Place

12 & Under: Alexander McGown; Novice 3rd Place

12 & Under: David Bond; Experienced 5th Place

15 & Under: Collin Mooney; Novice 3rd Place

Wrestling offers many benefits to kids and GEWC’s primary goal is to help kids love the sport. It is about progression and setting realistic expectations with each wrestler and their parents” says McDoniel. GECW does not rush their kids into competition. They determine the athlete’s maturity, age, and skill level when deciding on competition level. If you are interested in getting your son or daughter in the sport of wrestling then GEWC might be the best opportunity given their track record.

GEWC is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 5-15 years. You can learn more about their Highlands Ranch wrestling club at www.GoldenEagleWrestling.com.

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