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Local CrossFIt gym scores big in world competition

Castle Rock's CrossFit Beaver Menace takes first place spot for city in the CrossFit Open worldwide games; Trainer takes 24th place in the world and advances to next level

March 2017, Castle Rock, CO –– CrossFit Beaver Menace finishes in first place in Castle Rock in the 2017 CrossFit Open Games. Trainer and athlete Kim Hagger finishes an astonishing 24th in the world in her division.

The CrossFit Games is a world-wide competition over five weeks with five grueling workouts. It is broken up into three stages: the first stage, the Open, was just completed. Then he top athletes from each of the 17 regions qualify for the second stage of the competition in April where Hagger will continue to compete in the Masters Division, ages 45-49. The 3rd stage is what you see on TV.

Crossfit Beaver Menace opened its doors in October of 2016 but recently moved to a new location with more space because of their growth.

Over the years the gym has gone through different owners and locations, but when it was abruptly announced in September 2016 that the gym would close the next month by its previous owner, five CrossFit athletes decided to keep the close-knit community together by buying it. Keeping a core group of crossfitters – some for over 10 years, together. They are now in a permanent location that is owned by one of the owners of the gym.

The new owners, Becky Harsh, Joe Brown, Mike Spencer, Beth Duran and Steve Cooper developed a welcoming environment to every level of athlete from no experience to serious competitors.

Crossfit Beaver Menace has the highest-level coaching in the state with owner/coach Becky Harsh holding a Level 4 (the highest level of training in crossfit) certification. One of the only ones in the state. She also works for CrossFit Headquarters. Part of her job is training other coaches around the country. The box also has 10 other trainers that range from level 1 to level 3. All with excellent experience working with all types of individuals.

The popularity of CrossFit has exploded since it was founded over 10 years ago. CrossFit is functional exercise that is intended to help with everyday life. It is one of the fastest growing exercise programs today for both novices and experienced athletes.. There are more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms around the world today, more than 200 of the gyms are in Colorado.

For more information, contact co-owner and Coach Becky Harsh at (720) 489-0157.

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