4/21/17 12:16PM

Littleton Chiropractors explore how Treatment can Benefit those with Autism

Better sleep, improved school performance and reduced anxiety are just a few of the benefits kids at Complete Health Chiropractic are seeing.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what your nervous system does? The nervous system controls every single cell, organ, and organ system. It is the collaboration between your brain and billions of nerves. It controls functions such as movement, digestions and sensory interpretation. It helps you guide a fork to your mouth, feel a rock under your foot, and interpret danger around you. What if your child’s nervous system was functioning at less than 100%? What if you knew there was a way to help?

Complete Health Chiropractic is doing just that. After working with children on the spectrum they began to see a pattern. These children were sleeping better, they had improved social skills, decreased anxiety and their family dynamics were changing for the better. With such incredible results they are now seeking to help more children and reach more families. They will be kicking off their first study to better understand how chiropractic care can benefit those with ASD. Their goal is to gather data to determine the association between chiropractic care and improvements. They are excited to offer completely natural, alternative solutions for children on the spectrum.

Families have fallen in love with Complete Health Chiropractic after seeing the results. Jonathon Saunders, a father, shares, “[His] interaction with his classmates has improved significantly.” Christina Byers says, “My son, 7, has always had the worst time falling asleep…That would lead to him being tired at school. After a few treatments with Hannah he sleeps through the night…I am so thankful for the good night sleep my son is getting, so I am getting a good night sleep as well.”

About Complete Health Chiropractic: CHC is located in Littleton on the corner of Broadway Avenue and County Line Road. The business is owned and operated by Dr. Hannah Culbertson D.C. and Dr. Pablo Ness D.C. They specialized in Chiropractic Biophysics, a technique focused on restoring proper biomechanics to the spine. They have a passion for helping children and families live happy healthy lives.

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