3/30/17 11:02AM

Divorce Adjustment Classes Begin

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends classes begin April 4 in the South Metro area. The weekly classes help those going through divorce or separation better adjust to their changing situation.

Beyond Divorce: Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends series begins Tuesday, April 4, 6:30 - 9 pm, at the Koelbel Library, southwest corner of Holly and Orchard. We will meet in the "Living Room" meeting space. There is no charge for the first meeting of the 10-week series. The first meeting addresses reasons why relationships end, the emotional roller coaster resulting, and how to cope with the process.

Rebuilding is based on the long-standing work of therapist Bruce Fisher, PhD. and helps adjustment to an ended or ending relationship. It is taken by individuals, not couples, who are separating, divorced, or ending a significant love relationship. Topics include grief, anger, denial, guilt, self-esteem, letting go, transitioning into singleness, plus other relevant topics.

Rebuilding is more productive than a divorce "support" group. While support is definitely offered, Rebuilding takes participants through a defined step-by-step process of proven adjustment and progress. In just a few weeks participants experience clear improvement and adjustment to their separation, divorce, relationship challenges.

New participants are accepted through week 2, but after this time too much progress is being made to add new people to the class. The next series will be offered in late summer. Contact JP McDaniel, Ph.D. at 303-669-1533, jequitapmcd@gmail.com or divorceseminarcenter.com.

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