3/20/17 11:08AM

Independent Catholic church counters illicit claim by Archdiocese of Denver

Church of the Holy Family in Aurora counters the Archdiocese of Denver's claim of being "invalid" because the church ordains women, has married clergy and welcomes the LGBT Community.


16738 E. Iliff Avenue Aurora, CO 80013



Church of the Holy Family, Where "All are Welcome," Counters Illicit Claim from the Archdiocese of Denver

–Aurora, Colorado – February 21, 2017 –

Church of the Holy Family counters the Archdiocese's of Denver claim of being "illicit" and "invalid" because the church, as a community of Catholics, ordains women, has a married clergy, & openly welcomes the LGBT community.

Church of the Holy Family, a local member of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC), has been practicing “a new way to celebrate an ancient faith” in Aurora for nearly twenty years. Roman Catholic Archbishop Samuel Aquila has recently blacklisted Holy Family among other non-Roman Catholic churches in the Denver Metro area, accusing them of conducting “illicit” church services on the grounds that these blacklisted churches are not Catholic. Holy Family is not a Roman Catholic church. Holy Family does practice the Catholic faith under the auspices of the ECC. The ECC traces its roots to the ‘Old Catholic’ tradition. There are over 50 ECC communities across the United States and in Europe. There are currently six ECC communities in the state of Colorado. Some distinctions between Roman Catholicism and Ecumenical Catholicism are listed here: · Lay people have equal standing and equal say alongside all clergy in decision making. · Ordination is made available to all women and men, openly including those in the LGBT community. · Because the ECC recognizes the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, all are welcome to Communion, most especially those disenfranchised because of divorce or separation from the church. The ECC recognizes that the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ, consistent with Catholic theology, especially as promulgated by the Second Vatican Council. · The ECC supports an individual’s right to choice when it comes to birth control. Holy Family celebrates a 10 AM Mass every Sunday at 16738 E. Iliff Avenue, Aurora, Co 80013. “All are Welcome” is a hallmark of their mission and vision. They extend this invitation to Archbishop Aquila and all of his parishioners. On February 26, Holy Family will welcome 2 ECC bishops, Founding Bishop Peter Hickman and Presiding Bishop Francis Krebs, to join them in celebrating the retirement of Father Scott Jenkins their founding pastor of 19 years. On March 5, Holy Family will formally welcome their new interim pastor, Rev. Denise Roberts.

For more information contact the church office Monday or Wednesday, 303-369-9000

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