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iLoveKickboxing - Parker Shred you EX event

iLoveKickboxing Hosts “Anti-Valentine’s Day” Events to Help Members Shred Some Pounds and Ex’s

Normally, restaurants, retailers and other local establishments showcase heart and cupid decor, “two for one” specials and roses for all Valentine’s Day enthusiasts. But not iLoveKickboxing, the fast-growing fitness kickboxing franchise with more than 180 locations. Instead, every studio will hold special events with more of an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” twist. On February 13th, the worldwide annual “Shred your Ex” events will allow participants to punch and kick any of their ex’s -- including spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, bosses, illnesses, personal bad habits, and yes, excuses -- without being labeled a little psycho!

Thousands of members across North America and Peru will tape photos to their gym’s kickboxing bags of whatever, or whomever, they want to “shred.” Then they'll punch, kick and land spinning back fists to the photos, all in the name “ex-orcising” their past demons. Studios will also feature live DJs, raffles and other surprises.

“In addition to getting a full-body workout and burning a ton of calories, our workouts always provide members with a great way to relieve stress and let go. Shred Your Ex really kicks that up a notch,” said iLoveKickboxing Brand Spokesperson Teresa Oxford Parrella. “It allows attendees the chance to finally rid themselves of any issues that they may be harboring against someone or something, in a supportive setting, and have great time!”

“Shred Your Ex” joins a long list of events iLoveKickboxing.com studios host throughout the year. From monthly live DJ events to member mixers and appreciation parties, the fitness franchise regularly plans activities for members and instructors to bond over. To find the closest local location, click here.

About iLoveKickboxing

iLoveKickboxing.com (ILKB) is a fast-growing franchise named number five on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2016 Top New Franchises.  Based on the successful nationwide model, the studio incorporates the workouts of professional fighters, while making them accessible and fun to the average man or woman looking to lose weight and get in shape. In the classes, members gear up with authentic boxing gloves and perform genuine conditioning drills and kickboxing techniques on real heavy bags. Passionate instructors motivate and encourage participants to “go the extra mile” to get stellar results based on their personal goals. The program is based on the very popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) model that features intense bursts of exercise followed by short periods of rest. Classes are structured for any age or fitness level, and offer a compete body workout in just 60 minutes. In addition to burning an average of between 450 and 800 calories per class (depending on size/gender of the person and how hard they are pushing themselves), members also love the feeling of empowerment and stress-relief that organically occurs along the way. ILKB emphasizes community, fun, and expert support for long-lasting results.

To view a workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImEhje_0HcE. For before and after photos: http://www.ilovekickboxing.com/testimonials. For more information about iLoveKickboxing.com, or to schedule an interview, contact Rachel Schoeff at 720-598-1095 or send an email to ilkbparkerco@gmail.com

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