"The Boy Who Ran"

Woodland Park Author Wins IPPY Gold Medal

Author Michael Selden

Posted 5/9/14

Woodland Park resident Michael Selden won the 2014 national competition Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) gold medal in juvenile fiction last week for his book "The Boy Who Ran".

Michael Selden moved to Woodland Park last July, returning to the area where he went to high school. Michael attended St. Mary's high school, Colorado Springs, and graduated in 1976. He started Woodland Park Press LLC, after moving here last August and will be publishing more books in the future. Michael had a 28 year career as a research and development physicist in the Baltimore-Washington area prior moving back to Colorado.

The Boy Who Ran is a middle grade novel set in the mid-archaic period in North America. A young boy, the sole survivor when his village was massacred, escapes to the forest and is eventually found and taken in by people form another village, but he never fits in. The people of the village believe his mind is broken. Traumatized by his early experience, the boy never speaks and spends most of his time in the forest where he applies himself to developing his skill at running silently, and learning by watching the "other" animals. One late summer he decides this life is no longer enough. He wants to become one of The People and devises a plan to learn how to become a hunter for the village.

The IPPY awards began in 1996 and are open to books released through independent publishers that target the US. According to the award organizer, the IPPY awards have become the largest book competition and this year had approximately 5500 entries in just over 70 categories.

Copies of the book are available at Brenda's Boutique and Michael has agreed to sign copies on request. They are also available globally through Ingram books and on amazon in both paperback and kindle formats. A copy was also provided to the Rampart Library in Woodland Park.

Excerpts and unpublished chapters for The Boy Who Ran, and for Michael's next book "The Balance", due out this fall, are available on his web site at http://michaelselden.com