Why You Should Plan for Funeral Preplanning


Funeral preplanning for peace of mind: Felicia Malone-Williams, Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home
by Agnes Reardon
Posted 9/1/14

No one likes considering the prospect of a funeral, especially if the funeral in question is his or her own. But by taking steps ahead of time, it’s easy to relieve stress on loved ones and make sure that your own wishes are carried out.

 Funeral preplanning for peace of mind: Felicia Malone-Williams, Shannon & …

Felicia Malone-Williams of Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home, Westminister, Colo. says that in the right circumstances, preplanning can be a good experience for both you and your loved ones.

“Explaining how you want things done at your funeral can be a hard conversation to have,” she acknowledges. “But having that conversation in a professional setting, especially through making an appointment at the funeral home, can do a lot to ease the worries and the stress you or your loved ones might be feeling. Think of it as an extension of real estate or will plans. They’re just tasks that, when taken care of, make things easier for everyone.”

Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home offers multicultural and bilingual staff members to provide guidance through the pre-planning process. This approach allows the funeral home to provide the best possible services for everyone who might need their services.

“We really pride ourselves on the ability of our staff to serve people and families from every walk of life. One point where that comes through is in our ability to focus on the desires of the individual families,” Malone-Williams says. “And there are many different options and expectations for funerals dependent on religion, culture and upbringing. Our staff is well-versed in attending to the emotional and economic needs of families, and one of the ways we help do that is through pre-funeral planning.”

The financials in particular are a compelling reason to consider funeral pre-planning. Costs of funerals can run unexpectedly high. In the event of a death, many grieving families find themselves having to make decisions of significant economic impact with little time to assess other options. For this reason, Malone-Williams strongly recommends preplanning for families who may face financial constraints.

“Taking the steps ahead of time means that your loved ones won’t face any surprises,” she says. “It really is a help to let them know what to expect. There are payment plans that can be taken care of in advance to help avert the pressure of costs. Though it may not seem like an easy task to take care of now, the process allows you to express your own wishes as well as ensure that your loved ones will not face struggles when the time comes.”

Contact Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home to schedule a pre-planning visit. We welcome your questions and comments. 

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