Two Mortgage Servicing Veterans Join Forces to Help Those With Foreclosure Buy Homes

Yadira Puccarielli
Brandy King-Cutler
On Track USA™ financial, real estate, mortgage, home buying, credit education and support services to those that need assistance.
By Brandy King-Cutler
Posted 4/21/14

Two former default mortgage professionals have launched On Track USA™ to provide financial, real estate, mortgage, home buying, credit education and support services to those that need assistance. The services are provided free of charge by volunteers from several different companies.

Recently launched On Track USA™ has already had tremendous success attracting potential home buyers to its practice. On Track USA™ provides education and support to borrowers that would like to learn and improve their financial situation, including purchasing a home. This idea was brought forth by two default mortgage servicing professionals, Brandy King-Cutler and Yadira Puccarielli. Plenty of focus has been given to reforming the industry to prevent widespread defaulting loans, but not a lot of attention has been given to helping the borrowers that got swept up in the turmoil over the last several years. 

“Utilizing years of default knowledge and an extensive list of resources throughout the industry, we had this idea to put together a group of volunteers to assist people. There are many resources available for the well off and the wealthy, but what about the regular people that are hard-working Americans that don't have an idea of where to go to ask for help? We have had many professionals from all sorts of professions step up to help us - everyone from attorneys and CPAs to real estate agents and financial planners" says Brandy.

In addition to general banking, financial education and home buying education, the Back On Track USA™ service was added to assist individuals that have had a bankruptcy, foreclosure or another type of default event in their past. “We added Back On Track USA™ to help those that have previously owned a home and lost it. Many that have come to us are surprised to find out how quickly they can qualify for another mortgage to purchase a home” says Brandy.  

The next education seminar will be held on April 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM in Denver. For more information about registering for the seminar, or general information about On Track USA™ and Back on Track USA™, go to the web site at