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3 Ways to Boost Air Quality in Your Home

Good air can boost quality of life by helping homeowners feel healthier and happier when setting foot inside the house. Taking a deep breath and relaxing inside is much easier to do when the air indoors is healthy and comfortable. There are a few simple appliances and tricks that will make breathing easier.

By Agnes Reardon

In the dry Colorado air, adding a little moisture to the house can do wonders for the quality of air and general living in the home. A good humidifier is an easy way to do just that.

“Anyone who’s ever zapped someone with static electricity might find it funny in the moment, but in the long term, it can actually do some damage to appliances,” says Bill Buras, owner of Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning, Arvada, Colo. “A humidifier can actually eliminate those moments and hopefully give some of your electronics a bit of a break.”

There are more benefits to a humidifier than cutting down on wayward electricity. Keeping a healthy level of humidity will help keep hardwood floors from cracking, which can save potential repairs. And it can also keep your skin healthy by making sure you aren’t facing constant dehydration inside your home. Keep in mind that overdoing the humidity can encourage growth of mold and unhealthy bacteria, so be sure to keep your humidifier at recommended levels.

Keep Floors Clean
Floors are a central gathering spot for bacteria, germs and even pollen particles that can creep into the atmosphere of a house. By giving the floors a thorough cleaning, it’s easy to eliminate subtle odors and grime that accumulate over time. With less gathering space for the bacteria, the air can be freshened up in no time.

A household with pets must make sure that the floors are regularly cleaned; a good vacuum is a surefire means of doing so. Once the habit of vacuuming and mopping is established, it’s quite easy to keep going and the breathability of the indoor air will improve drastically. Another easy fix for messy floors is to put a mat in front of every door to keep visitors from tracking in outside dirt and pests.

Consider Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning delivers cool air to every room in your home through a series of air ducts and vents that filter air and keep it dry without adding excessive moisture. By using a system of multiple filters, central air conditioning eliminates many of the microscopic problems that can come with older air conditioning units, such as lint and excess dust particles. The central air system can also cut down on problems such as pet dander and pollen.

Such systems are easy to operate and often programmable to certain temperatures, and they can provide an often-overlooked benefit: quiet.

“Using a central air conditioning system eliminates a lot of appliance noise because a lot of the moving parts are located outside the house,” Buras explains. “You have the condenser, the fan and the compressor in an outdoor unit, not whirring around in a hallway grill. That takes out a lot of background noise and makes it easier to relax.”

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