Masterminds gathering begins a new era of business networking events in denver metro

Posted 8/14/14

MODERN GLADIATOR’S MASTERMIND EVENTS AND EDUCATIONAL SERIES WILL SHARPEN YOUR BUSINESS SKILLS The Modern Gladiator magazine is proud to announce the launch of the Modern Gladiator MasterMind Events. The free event begins Wednesday, August 20 at Denver’s Session Kitchen at 6 p.m.

Modern Gladiators MasterMind Events and Educational Series will sharpen your business skills

By Martin Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Gladiator

The revolution in business networking events is here. Tired of going to events only to have trouble making meaningful relationships that lead to productive partnerships? Or an event where people just mill around and you learn nothing to improve your business skills?

The Modern Gladiator magazine is proud to announce the launch of theModern Gladiator MasterMind Events. The free event begins Wednesday, August 20 at Denver’s Session Kitchen at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. Speakers and educational topics at this event will include: 

*Modern Gladiator Editor-In-Chief Martin Alvarez: Discussing the Modern Gladiator Magazine and the MasterMind program. What is the vision, passion and focus of these events?

*Adatto Custom Menswear's John Hand: Discussing fashion and what it means to be a confident man, demonstrated by having a dress code and creating your own personal power brand through clothing.

*Tommy Maloney of Tommy Maloney International: Speaking on what it means to be a modern, fulfilled father to your children and in line with Modern Gladiator values.

MasterMind Events will be monthly, combining a host of viewpoints and philosophies to help businesspeople help each other in meaningful ways. Speakers will vary from month to month but all events will be educational and structured for maximum benefit for attendees.

The Modern Gladiator magazine is an online, digital publication dedicated to helping everyone live their best life in all aspects, including business, health, relationships, fashion, and more. The formal Modern Gladiator MasterMind training is also currently available, which teaches business best practices, business leverage points, and super-networking opportunities for interested entrepreneurs. Immediate registration for the Modern Gladiator MasterMind classes is available here.  Classes begin September 1 and the cost ranges from $99 to $295 per month depending on the package and level of MasterMind mentoring you wish to experience.

“The goal is to create a brotherhood of men who can help each other get to the next level in their business and personal lives,” says Martin Alvarez ofModern Gladiator. “Overcoming obstacles, finding that perfect mentor, and staring down fears to grow your network and business is what attendees of either the free events or the series of classes will learn.”

Statistics show that businesspeople who combine forces in meaningful ways end up with better business results. Why go it alone?

About Modern Gladiator: Modern Gladiator is a free online monthly men’s magazine. It is the collaboration of three brothers (Editor-in-Chief Martin Alvarez, President Maynie Alvarez, and Senior Writer Nino Alvarez) who have combined their vision to launch a fresh concept to the genre of men’s lifestyle magazines. Modern Gladiator not only informs but also moves and “calls” men to action, inviting all to “join the revolution” in helping men become better individuals and be part of the “brotherhood of gladiators.” Modern Gladiator can be found online at, or “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @GladiatorNews.