2/22/16 06:07PM

Indoor Sunshine Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Come to Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers has added a rainbow to its list of natural products. It’s called Indoor Sunshine®.

Boulder, CO (Feb. 22, 2016) – Natural Grocers has added a rainbow to its list of natural products. It’s called Indoor Sunshine®.Indoor Sunshine bulbs are now available at Natural Grocers.

Sunshine itself is the blueprint for Indoor Sunshine. Unlike regular bulbs, these unusual full spectrum, spiral bulbs produce a white light with the rainbow of colors your body needs to support health. And, like natural sunshine that raises serotonin levels, people report being happier, more alert and calmer.

A two-year Canadian study reported “…lighting systems are not neutral – they have non-visual effects on people.” [Education Dept., Alberta, Canada]

With Indoor Sunshine, users report these results:

  • Feeling more alert during the day and sleeping better at night
  • Improved immune function
  • Have better vision (seniors love them!)
  • Students have 1/3 fewer absences
  • Women have reduced PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Those with autism and ADD/ADHD are calmer

Temple Grandin, PhD, global autism activist and professor of animal science, uses Indoor Sunshine lights and has asked Sunshine Sciences to do research with Indoor Sunshine and individuals with autism. Feedback to Sunshine Sciences reports that both the individuals and their families are calmer.

Indoor Sunshine comes in energy saving 15-watt, 25-watt, 30-watt and 3-way bulbs. They can be used throughout the house.

Sunshine Sciences’ CEO Linaya Hahn, LNC, RP, came to the lighting industry from the health profession. As a nutritionist who founded the PMS Holistic Center of Illinois, she learned that one of the four main causes of PMS was incorrect light. Her book PMS: Solving the Puzzle — 16 Causes and What To Do is a small press best-seller. She’s now working on her next book, PMS and Menopause: Solving the Puzzle.

For more information on this Boulder, Colorado, company, see www.SunshineSciences.com or email admin@SunshineSciences.com.

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