How to Keep Cool in the Dog Days of Summer


Pets don’t respond to heat the same way humans do
by Agnes Reardon
Posted 7/1/14

Summer heat is an invasive and difficult foe to battle. But there’s no need to let it beat the great indoors. With a little planning and a strategy tailored to your home, you can marshal forces to make sure that summer weather won’t stand a chance. Keep these tips in mind as you make a plan of action to take back the house from the heat.

1. Fans circulate air, they don’t cool it

“Fans are probably the first things people will think of when they get asked about ways to cool down,” says Bill Buras, owner of Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning, Arvada, Colo. “And they do work, but it’s not because they actually lower the temperature of a room.”

A fan keeps the air moving, which evaporates sweat, “So you feel a lot cooler,” says Buras, “even though all that’s really happening is that the air is moving.”

That won’t always be enough to deal with sweltering temperatures, but it’s a good start when the weather is beginning to warm. In particular, fans are a good way to keep cool at night, especially if the bedrooms are on the second floor where the hot air naturally gravitates.

2. Keep an eye on pets

Pets don’t respond to heat the same way humans do. If your four-legged friend looks sluggish and listless during the summer, it may be because animals have very different ways of dealing with excessive heat. The Humane Society of the United States warns that humidity can be a real problem for pets, since animals pant to remove moisture from their lungs. “This one is really important if you’re using an evaporative cooler,” Buras explains. “Evaporative coolers are an affordable option for older homes that don’t have a forced air system already in place, but they do add moisture. And that’s something you want to think about when you have pets.” 

3. Stay hydrated!

Water is a tried-and-true way to hold back the heat, and in the summertime, your body needs the hydration more than ever. Heat causes sweat, which means your body is losing water. So make sure to replenish frequently.

When the temperature skyrockets, there’s nothing more refreshing than a huge glass of ice-cold water close at hand. It’s a healthier choice for cooling down than sugar-filled soft drinks, and it’s generally more affordable.4. Conquer the house

If you want to defeat the heat once and for all, installing a central air conditioning system could be the knockout punch. “Centralized units send cool air directly through air ducts or vents located in each room, cooling your entire home to the desired temperature,” Buras says. “The whole house will be comfortable and you won’t need to deal with excessive moisture or rickety ceiling fans. It’s a good solution for anyone who wants to take their summer comfort to the next level.” For more tips and to read customer reviews, drop by our Facebook page.

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