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Governor hickenlooper proclaims february as turner syndrome awareness month

GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER PROCLAIMS FEBRUARY AS TURNER SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH. Find out more about the eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Turner Syndrome or TS is a non-hereditary genetic disorder that exclusively affects girls and women. It occurs when one of the two X chromosomes normally found in females is missing or incomplete. TS is considered a rare disorder and occurs in 1 of every 2000 live female births.

●It is estimated that only 2% of fetuses with just one X chromosome survive to term.

●Approximately 10% of all miscarriages are due to Turner Syndrome.

●There are over 80,000 girls and women living with TS across the United States

●Turner Syndrome primarily affects the 2nd X chromosome and in turn is reflected in the secondary sex characteristics of females.

●The most common feature of Turner Syndrome is short stature.

●The average height of an adult TS woman who has not received human growth hormone treatment is 4’8”.


● Induced Puberty * Heart Defects * Hearing Loss * Learning Difficulties with Normal Intelligence

●Kidney Defects* Thyroid and Liver Concerns * Frequent Ear Infections * Puffy Hands and Feet * Infertility* Challenges with Social Skills

Due to the complex nature of TS, local Colorado families worked tirelessly with health care professionals to create a comprehensive care system through the eXtraOrdinary Kids Turner Syndrome Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The Turner Syndrome Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic designed to address the medical, developmental and psychological needs of girls and adolescents with Turner syndrome. Providers on the Clinic Team include:

●Geneticist and Genetic Counselor - Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician - Cardiologist Endocrinologist - Adolescent Gynecologist - Neuropsychologist - Clinical Child Psychologist

●Referrals to other specialists as needed

Early detection is the key in getting the necessary medical care for all girls with TS. All girls with slow or delayed growth should be referred to a pediatrician for a health assessment, including the consideration of TS. For more information please contact Turner Syndrome Colorado.

●Contact: Marybel Good, President - Turner Syndrome Colorado

●720 628-6907

●email turnersyndromeco@gmail.com


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