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Free Horizon Montessori to Dedicate Solar Array with Local Celebration

Jefferson County charter school in Golden dedicates new solar array and school’s move to clean energy.

January 11, 2016


Susan Vallier, Communications Director

Free Horizon Montessori


581 Conference Place

Golden, CO  80401




Free Horizon Montessori will celebrate the school’s brand new solar array and live dashboard on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 from 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. on the school’s playground.


The 171 kW array will produce 90% of the school’s electricity needs as well as educate our students and community about the benefits of alternative energy.


One of FHM’s fundamental tenets is teaching respect for others, self and the environment to all students, and our solar project manifests this beautifully.


FHM facilitated this system in partnership with Namaste Solar in Boulder and through a Power Purchase Agreement arrangement with Wiser Capital in California. They own the array and the school serves as the host site. The school purchases the power back from Wiser Capital at a fixed cost, which is projected to save the school almost $500,000 over the life of the agreement, compared to standard Xcel rates.


The array was installed over the past 2015 summer break and went online in October.


The dedication will include about 300 Free Horizon teachers and 1st – 8th grade students along with representatives from Jefferson County Schools administration and the city of Golden. Dr. Andy Walker, NREL engineer and solar educator will provide the keynote. Over 20 local professionals from science and engineering fields will also be in attendance.


Our speakers and esteemed guests include -


  • From Jeffco, Superintendent McMinimee, as well as BoE members Ron Mitchell (President) and Ali Lasell (VP). 
  • From the City of Golden, Mayor Marjorie Sloan, Councilors Marcia Claxton and Saoirse Charis-Graves, and city Sustainability Coordinator, Theresa Worsham. 
  • From NREL, Dr. Andy Walker, engineer and solar educator who is providing our keynote speech. 
  • From Namaste Solar: Nick Kerwin, Project Developer, also speaking in the solar dedication program.


The system also includes a live dashboard where the FHM community can track energy generation, offsets and more at anytime. This will be integrated into classroom lessons throughout the school year. 


Visit this link to see the dash board in action http://datareadings.com/client/moduleSystem/Kiosk/site/bin/kiosk.cfm?k=F3rS7-_N

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