Essential Docs to Prepare Before You Die


Get your affairs in order: Felicia Malone-Williams, Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home
by Agnes Reardon
Posted 7/31/14

Get your affairs in order: Felicia Malone-Williams, Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home

Many people know what they’d like to do before they die. And skydiving and travelling may rank higher on the list than preparing end-of-life documents. But it’s important to keep in mind that life will be easier for grieving loved ones if you make sure to get your your affairs in order before booking that plane trip to London.

“By taking steps now, you can make it easier for relatives and loved ones to see to your wishes,” Felicia Malone-Williams, founder and director of Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home, Westminister, Colo. “It can be hard to think about, understandably, but after you’ve made the arrangements you want, it becomes that much easier to live your life to the fullest.”

Your will
Having a will lets you allocate your possessions and helps you keep control of your assets for however you would like them to be used. If you have dependent children, having this document in order is essential to protect their interests.

 “Without a will, state law will determine what happens to your assets after you die, so it’s very important to make sure that you’ve drawn this document up correctly,” says Malone-Williams. “It’s also a good idea to make sure that your executor knows where to find contact information for your attorneys and financial advisors. It can make the probate process easier.”

Documents of ownership
Make sure that you have documentation of home and land ownership, vehicles, stocks, savings bonds, and other such assets. If there’s no proof of ownership for such items, your loved ones may not know that they exist as part of your assets. By keeping track of your possessions, it becomes easier to carry out your wishes with regard to the disposal of those items.

Life insurance policies
Can you put your hands on this important document? “If your family doesn’t have this information, they may not even know to claim the policy,” says Malone-Williams. “It’s very important to make sure that your loved ones get access to the information they’ll need to claim the policy after you’ve passed. Otherwise, the money meant to take care of them may just lie there unclaimed.”

Healthcare documents
Having a loved one you’ve designated with healthcare power-of-attorney or a living will is essential to making sure your relatives and loved ones aren’t left in the dark about your wishes for healthcare.

“There’s no way to emphasize how important it is that you make sure your family knows your healthcare wishes,” Malone-Williams says. “By designating someone to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, you make sure that your family has guidelines if you’re incapacitated in some way. If your family doesn’t know what it is you want, they may be left to make some very hard decisions on their own.”

 Pre-Planning Services

For those who wish to fully document a funeral plan, pre-planning services are essential. Pre-planning allows you to share thoughts and feelings about various aspects of a funeral with family in a friendly, relaxed, unpressured way. Options for pre-paid funeral arrangements are also available for individuals who seek to ensure the greatest amount of financial support for their families at the time of their passing.

At a Shannon & Malone Chapel of Peace Funeral Home pre-planning discussion you can expect to receive information regarding funeral trusts, insurance, social security benefits and other pertinent topics.

We also provide families with counseling on requirements for Medicaid Title 19 procedures, caring for a terminally ill loved one, and steps to relieve family members of financial burdens associated with funerals.

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