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Early College of Arvada Gives Students a Head Start On College

A local charter school serving grades 6-12 offers students a free head start on college in a supportive and empowering environment.

January 13th, Arvada, Colorado

At Early College of Arvada, a local charter school, high school aged students are tackling challenging college level coursework and getting a free head start on college. Students at Early College of Arvada (ECA) take college classes through a partnership with the University of Colorado Denver to earn up to 59 college credits before graduation.

The mission of the Early College of Arvada is to prepare a diverse student body for success in college and beyond through the combination of a rigorous college preparatory education, a supportive and empowering school community, and multiple opportunities for community service, personal growth, and leadership development.

The average ECA graduate finishes high school with around 40 transferable credits and over $40,000 in scholarship money. ECA has a 100% college acceptance rate and an 86% college continuation rate. ECA has produced graduates that have earned the prestigious Daniel’s Scholarship the last five years running, and a number of ECA graduates have gone on to attend ivy league schools including Stanford and Harvard.

The Early College model has had proven effectiveness nationwide. Research consistently shows that students that attend early colleges have higher high school graduation rates, enroll in college at higher rates, and are more likely to persist and complete a college degree. Opened in 2008, Early College of Arvada has helped numerous students to find successful pathways to higher education. Hear what ECA graduates have to say.

“ECA is what a school should be. It is home and the place that will bring out your very best.” Eglen Galindo, Daniels Scholar, Stanford University, Engineering and Physics.

“My talents were encouraged at ECA. I accomplished things I never knew were possible.” Lauren Beaugh; CU- Boulder, Presidential Leadership Class, Journalism and International Affairs.

“The teachers, students, and staff at ECA form a family. This family never gives up on you.” Misha White; Daniels Scholar, Arizona State University, Non-Profit Management.

The Early College of Arvada is a free public charter school serving grades 6-12 located at 4905 W 60th Avenue. For more information visit ecarvada.org or attend an open house on 1/18, 2/16, 3/15, 4/19, or 5/11 from 8 am to 7 pm.

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