Why Cremation May Be the Best Choice for You


Felicia Malone-Williams, Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace Funeral Home
by Agnes Reardon
Posted 6/2/14

While many families opt for traditional caskets after the loss of a loved one, there are other ways to commemorate the passing. Cremation may be a good option. The cremation rate in the U.S. has been increasing. The rate was 43.5 percent of deaths in 2012, and the Cremation Association of North America expects the rate to rise to 48.8 percent by 2017.

Several factors account for the growth, says Felicia Malone-Williams, founder and director of Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace funeral home, Westminister, Colo. 

1. Timing
Depending on religion and personal preference, cremation can be a good option for families who are facing timing constraints, says Malone-Williams.

“Cremation generally takes place 48 hours after death occurs,” she says. “If that’s an option the family prefers, we provide transportation to and from the funeral home and the crematory.”

Cremation provides a little more time for families to decide on the best means of memorializing the loved one, and with many options available, this is a decision that can require some thought. The cremains can be interred at a mausoleum or distributed in vials or personalized containers to friends and family members. This allows for the family to take a personalized role in preserving the memory of their loved one.

2. Financial Concerns
One aspect of cremation to consider is the financial one. For families who are facing budgetary hurdles, cremation is a way to save on some of the costs that are associated with a traditional burial and memorial.

“A memorial with cremains can be a really good choice for families that need an affordable option,” explains Malone-Williams. “It eliminates the cost of body preparation, embalming and showcasing the deceased in a casket, and you can use personal objects and belongings to add a personal touch.”

3. Customization
One of the best aspects of using cremation as a memorial option is the amount of input it allows families to have in the preparation and preservation of a loved one’s memory.

Personalized urns are a wonderful way for families to arrange private visitation areas. Some packages offer special photo frames and necklaces that can preserve small amounts of the cremains in a uniquely personal fashion. If a family wishes to have a viewing before the cremation takes place, private or public viewings can be arranged as part of the memorial packages offered by Shannon & Malone Chapel Of Peace.

“We want to make sure that every family has all the tools available to honor their loved ones in the way that means most to them,” Malone-Williams says. “We want to make sure that you’re getting the best guidance through a very difficult time.”

Malone-Williams is the first minority, black female mortuary graduate who holds her degree as a funeral director and embalmer. She is the first funeral director and embalmer to own and operate her own funeral home in the state of Colorado and she is a Colorado-licensed insurance agent with United Heritage Life Insurance Co.

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