Christ Community Covenant Church celebrates their new church facility

Posted 7/30/14

After ten years of planning and searching, Christ Community Covenant Church (4Cs) has found a permanent home in Arvada. Four times the size of their previous church home at 82nd and Simms St., now at 67th and Simms, 4Cs is hoping to expand their ministries to serve the community.

It’s a curious and wondrous time in the life of Christ Community Covenant Church, celebrating their 25th anniversary in their brand new Arvada facility. 

Longtime located at 82nd and Simms, 4Cs sold their building and land to APEX in 2003. That began a 10 year journey toward finding a permanent church home.

“We sold our facility to APEX ten years ago with the expectation that we would be relocating to Westminster” said Dave Scherrer, Senior Pastor of Christ Community. “However, just as we hoped to break ground on a new church campus at 100th and Wadsworth, the great recession began to roll out. It became impossible to build on the land and then equally impossible to sell the land. For ten years we have been living in limbo. At this time last year we knew we had six months left on our lease but nowhere to move.”

That was when prayer started with Arvada Church of Christ regarding the possibility of sharing their space as a last resort. Pastor Dave said, “Arvada Church of Christ graciously offered a place to worship if we had no place to go. As it turned out Arvada CoC was looking for someone to buy their facility as changes in their congregation had made it difficult to continue to afford their building at 67th and Simms. “In the process of talking about our moving into their space, we ended up buying their building and they have ‘moved in’ with us.”

“It is a great win–win story,” said Joe McMillan, of Arvada Church of Christ. “They are letting us stay rent free so that we can get back on our feet and 4Cs was able to close on our property and move in  with only days to spare. Now we have hired a new pastor and 4Cs is thriving too.” Sunday morning Arvada Church of Christ meets at 8am and 4Cs holds worship services at 9 and 10:30 am. “Rather than having two struggling churches, this has allowed both fellowships to continue to serve families in Arvada,” Dave noted.

In fact the blessings are overflowing. The Arvada based Hearts ‘n’ Hands ministry to the adult mentally disabled has found a new home at the 4Cs campus and there is hope in the near future to open up the church facility to other civic and ministry partnerships. We have 6,000 square feet of unfinished space here on our new campus. Our hope is for that space to be used for all kinds of community based services.

To help celebrate their new location 4Cs is hosting a Block Party on Sunday, August 10th from 4 to 6pm. It is free to the community and includes live music by Confluence of Denver. There will be free hot dogs and snow cones, various give-aways and huge inflatables for the children to enjoy, all free to the public. “We just want to get to know our neighbors and to pass the blessing forward to our new friends,” Pastor Dave said.