2/16/16 10:45PM

CEFF--Screens the Arctic film, "Why the Little Fish Matter"

Why the Little Fish Matter, Friday, February 19th at 1:30, Foss Auditorium

Travel with us to the Arctic coast, near the small Inupiaq community of Barrow, Alaska where researchers are trying to understand the ecology of forage fish—the little fish that bigger fish, seabirds, important marine mammals like seals and beluga whales, and ultimately humans, depend.


Why the Little Fish Matter is the story of the rich and vulnerable arctic marine environment in this time of rapid change; of the animals and the people that depend on them for their subsistence; and it’s the story of a little band of scientists working together with people in the community to conduct a vitally important study.


Q and A to follow with Alaskan filmmaker Liz McKenzie and Arctic researcher Ann Robertson.

We'd love to see you there.

Buy tickets here: http://www.ceff.net/tickets/


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