Arvada's New SMART Studio/Gallery

Posted 8/24/14

A New SMART Studio/Gallery opens in Olde Towne Arvada. The SMART studio is a full service photographic studio, and gallery space.

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Twelve years ago, Dwight Reinhardt was working as a PrePress professional and Art Director in Boulder, Colorado. Then he got a call to join the Space Physics Faculty at CU/Boulder. While at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), Mr. Reinhardt worked on dozens of NASA instruments and developed and refined hundred of NASA protocols and procedures.

Today he is enjoying the new adventure of bringing a full service, Photography Studio and Gallery to Arvada. The initial funding came from a very successful, crowd-funding campaign, using the "Indigogo" website, which is much like "KickStarter" for small business.

Located at 5612 Yukon St. in Olde Town Arvada, the Arvada SMART Studio / Gallery is a new concept for making it easier for patrons to purchase original for their home or office.

“When you are out enjoying the beautiful weather here in Historic Olde Town, you don''t always want to carry your newest favorites around with you, worrying about potential damage. Now that pretty much everyone has a smart phone, this system allows you to order from your phone or ours and have the artwork delivered to your home.” Dwight said.

The SMART Gallery is only part of this new addition to Arvada's Art Community. Dwight Reinhardt has been a professional Photographer for over 35 years, working with small and large companies as well as both State and Federal Agencies. So it's no surprise that the facility also has a Portrait and Product Photographic Studio.

In the pre-digital age, Dwight worked with the industry leaders to develop a Quality Monitoring program for film processing that was used all over the world. And after spending the past decade as a NASA Safety Manager, he is comfortable working in the most critical environments.

“Dwight brought a large amount of knowledge and experience ” said Tracy Vincent, a NASA Quality Engineer . “He has resourcefulness and willingness to put in whatever efforts were necessary to facilitate cutting edge projects. He was always helpful when given unusual requests ”

With the new gallery-studio space in Olde Town, Dwight hopes to make the space available for other professional and semi-professional photographers and artists. The gallery space will rotate exhibits on a regular basis, and local artists and performers will be showcased

“There are a lot of reasons to open up in this Historic Neighborhood” Dwight said. “Every corner of Olde Town shows how vibrant this neighborhood is becoming. That's something to be proud of and I want to be part of this new community”

The gallery opens with a new show on Sept 6th, but the studio is open and ready for your call. “Everybody has been so helpful and supportive,” Mr. Reinhardt said, with a wide grin. "They all helped get this ball rolling. And they already know how great this community really is!"

For more information, to view the online galleries or to schedule an appointment, visit or,

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