5 Reasons Central Air Makes Good Sense


Oh, baby, summer’s coming! Central air savvy from Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning
by Agnes Reardon
Posted 4/27/14

If you’re about to haul dusty fans out of the attic or a creaky air conditioning unit up from the cellar for the umpteenth year in a row, it might be time to reconsider your home cooling strategies.

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An old air conditioning unit might be spreading dust or allergens around the house,” warns Bill Buras, owner of Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning, Arvada, Colo. “And the materials that it uses could be hurting the environment and creating extra costs. If your AC is old or if you’re still using a window unit, you might want to consider upgrading.”

There are some surprising benefits to choosing central air conditioning, especially if you’re using an evaporative unit to keep the temperatures low – benefits that will keep both you and your wallet comfortable.

Here are five ways a central air conditioner can improve your health and your budget this summer:

1. Less noise
The last thing you need in sweltering summer heat is a loud air-conditioning unit that buzzes endlessly in the background. With a central air conditioning unit, the condenser, the fan and the air compressor sit outside the house, keeping indoor noise to a minimum. With a central air conditioning, the indoor temperature is consistent and it’s always easy for you and your family to sleep well and comfortably.

2. Easier on our earth – and your family
Does your old air conditioner use Freon refrigerant? Chances are that your old AC unit uses R-22 Freon, which depletes ozone and will be phased out in 2015. Its price has skyrocketed, tripling in almost a year.

“If a unit using that kind of Freon breaks or malfunctions, the repairs can cost almost as much as the air conditioning unit itself,” says Buras.
Make in an investment in both the environment and your family’s future comfort by opting for an energy-efficient central air conditioning unit that uses environmentally friendly R410A Freon.

3. Better air
A centralized air conditioning unit sends air to every single room in the house and it also makes sure that the air is thoroughly filtered.
“Air that’s inefficiently filtered can result in lint, dust or allergens like dust, pollen or pet dander,” Buras explains. A central air conditioning unit has two separate filtering systems to keep air fresh and clean. The air is also stripped of moisture with every cycle, so there’s no trace of dampness or humidity during the hot summer months.

4. Lower energy bills
Believe it or not, a central air conditioner will actually help you save on your energy bills during the summer. A central air system can be programmed to the most energy-efficient temperature and set to run at certain times of day. Energy.gov recommends keeping your home at cooler temperatures during the times of day when you’re actually in the house.

5. Tax relief
If energy savings and efficiency aren’t enough, high-efficiency central air conditioning can qualify for local utility rebates and federal tax credits. So not only will you be comfortable and cool during the summer, you can rest easy knowing that tax time will become a little easier with the help of your smart energy skills.

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